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Online Brand Management Courses & Certifications

Great Brands have a great managing team. It is not only the development that counts. It is also important to know what the customer wants, to know how to make the best profits and also to know how to ensure that the customer knows how great the products are.

This is an equally rewarding and competitive field.  Do you have what it takes to make your company stand out? Do you wish to learn what it takes? There are many top brand management courses to help you become a professional in this field.

What is Brand Management?

It is the activity that ensures that the brand/ product gets the maximum coverage. Thus the brand is known within the entire consumer spectrum in a positive light. This intrigues them to buy the product/service. Brand Managers extensively research consumer behaviour, market trends, their competitions etc.   to come up with the best strategies. They give valuable advice to the development team on how to make the product/service better. The brand management team also takes care of fund allocation for different purposes (advertising, market research,packaging, promotions etc. 

Who can pursue Brand Management?

If this is you? Then Brand Management courses are for you.

  • You always had the ability to influence people and you wish to put that into practice
  • You work in a company or are an entrepreneur. You wish to learn the skills to put your brand in the market
  • You see the vast horizon opening up in this industry and aspire to pursue this as your career

Eligibility Criteria for Brand Management courses

Note: There are no specific courses titled Brand Management. However in BBA and MBA you have specialisations in Brand Management. But the interesting thing is you can take a degree in arts or journalism and still become a professional in Brand Management. Because in the end, you are learning to become an effective communicator.

For UG Brand Management courses, you must have (10+2) qualifications, preferably in subjects such as maths, economics, business studies, or statistics with a minimum passing percentage 50%. You can also study other subjects as well.

UG Brand Management courses

Entrance exams for UG Brand Management courses

PG Brand Management courses

  • M.M.C. (Master of Mass Communication)
  • M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) Brand Building and Management
  • M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) Brand Management and Communication
  • M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) Retail Management
  • M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) Advertising and Brand Management
  • M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)
  • M.M.C.  (Master of Mass Communication)
  • M.A.M.C. (Master of Arts in Mass Communication)

Entrance Exams for PG Brand Management courses

You can also take online Brand Management courses to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Important skills for Brand Management courses

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Logical and Analytical skills 
  • Problem solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Focus
  • Basic technical skills

What will you learn in Brand Management courses?

  • Brand Management
  • Sales tactics
  • Marketing strategies (Digital and analogue)
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Behaviour

Popular Brand Management certification courses

Each brand faces tough competition in the market. It is often quite difficult to keep up with the latest trends as the tastes of the consumer can vary from time to time. Brand Management certification courses can equip you in these aspects. Here are some of the best Brand Management certification courses. 


Offered by



Brand Management

IIM Bangalore via Edx

5 weeks


Brand Management

University of Cape Town, Cape Town via GetSmarter

8 weeks

INR 69,402/-

Certified Brand Manager


Self Paced

INR 2,499/-

Imperial Brand and Product Strategy

Imperial College Business School, Imperial College, London via Emeritus

7 weeks

£ 1,280/-

Luxury Management

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong via Edx

8 weeks


Marketing Luxury Understanding the complexities of a new world of business

IIM Ahmedabad

30 days

INR 84,000/-

PG Diploma in Advertising and Brand Management

Amity University, Noida

12 months

INR 1,20,000/-

Post Graduate Certificate Program in Managing Brands and Marketing Communication

MICA, Ahmedabad via Talentedge

4 months

INR 70,000/-

Strategic Positioning in the Age of Amazon and iPhones

IIM Kozhikode

12 hours

INR 25,000/-

Strategies That Build Winning Brands

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston via Emeritus

6 weeks

$ 2,600/-

Other Brand Management certification courses

  • PG Certificate Program in Managing Brands and Marketing Communication 
  • Digital Strategy for Brand Marketing Course 
  • Certificate Program in Strategic Brand Management 
  • Certified Brand Manager 
  • Strategic Brand Management 

Career Opportunities after Brand Management courses

Brand Manager

You work for different branded trademarks for different companies. You coordinate with the marketing team to ensure that the brand gets the maximum exposure and excellent response from the consumers.

Average Base Salary p.a.: INR 9,25,849/-

Social Media Manager

You handle social media tasks. These could be taking care of social media sites, pages and profiles. You create strategic campaigns on social media. You also take care of Q & A sessions.

Average Base Salary p.a.: INR 3,46,859/-

Other careers:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Director 
  • Social Media Manager

Salary Trends

Average salary of a Brand Manager based on experience

Experience in years

Average Base Salary p.a.

< 1

INR 8,00,000 /-

1 - 4 

INR 7,73,894 /-

5 - 9 

INR 11,93,493 /-

10 - 19  

INR 17,93,928 /-

** Source of Salary Details: Payscale

Note: The given salary details may vary depending on experience, skill, company, location etc. 

Scope after Brand Management courses

Take different industries: Education, Electrical and Electronic ProductsLeisure, Media, Hospitality, Retail, and Travel, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals,, FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods), Entertainment etc. You could work as an advertising professional for companies in the industries mentioned above. Or you could work for advertising companies, digital marketing agencies, consultancies, recruitment firms etc.

So take the best brand management courses to become the best asset in this field.

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FlowState Branding




Q: Why should I go for Brand Management certification courses?

A: To stand out as a professional you need the following: Qualification (degree, advanced degree etc.), experience and expertise. Now the latter can be enhanced by taking Brand management certification courses. This allows you to specialise in the nuances of the market and also tells your employer that you are more than qualified.

Q: Are there any top online brand management courses?

A: Yes. Top institutes (IIMs) and companies (Edx, Vskills) are offering online brand management courses. You can learn them from the comfort of your home.

Q: What is the cost of studying different Brand Management courses?

A: For UG Brand Management courses it can go upto 10 lakhs. For PG Brand Management courses it can cost upto 5 lakhs. There are online Brand Management courses which could be either free or paid (up to a few thousand rupees)

Q: What are some of the best institutes for studying Brand Management courses? A:Some of the best institutes for taking Brand Management courses are:

You can also take online Brand Management courses along with the degree courses to augment your skills.

Q: How long does it take to complete Brand management courses?

A: You can complete UG Brand Management courses in 3 years, whereas for PG Brand Management courses it can take 2 years. There are Brand Management certification courses which you can complete in a few weeks whereas others can take up to a year.

Career Category
Job Role


Online Degree

BBA Advertising and Branding and Advanced Certificate from UpGrad

Jain University, in association with upGrad is offering an online BBA in Advertising and Branding. The online programme has a time duration of 3 years, structured around 6 semesters. The format of learning will be through online classes and recorded lectures by some qualifier instructors. The students are expected to commit at least 32 hours of their time every week for this online degree course. The students will be given ample career support with the online BBA in Advertising and Branding degree course. The instructors will help them by giving them career counselling, helping them prepare for interviews and giving them feedback on their resume. A total of more than 20 courses and 350 hours of content will be made available to the students during this online course. Various concepts of commerce and economics along with management concepts like business management and project management and much more will be covered in this course. The total fee for this online programme is Rs. 2,40,000 which can be either paid annually or semester wise. The students are also required to pay an additional examination fee of Rs. 2000.

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36 Months
Online Degree

MBA Advertising and Branding and Advanced Certificate from upGrad

Jain University, Bangalore is offering MBA Advertising and Branding and Advanced Certificate from upGrad for anyone interested in the field of advertising and branding. 

The two year online degree course is structured around 4 semesters and covers around 22 courses. The classes for this online programme will be held online, and there will live lectures as well as recorded sessions for the convenience of the students. 

The students are expected to dedicate around 32 hours of their time every week for this online degree course. The course will cover all the basics and advanced level topics of business administration and advertising like accounting & finance, operations management, entrepreneurship and online & offline advertising. The total fee for the online MBA Advertising and Branding and Advanced Certificate from upGrad course is Rs. 2,00,000 which can be paid either annually or semester wise by the students.

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24 Months

Offered by

Online Diploma

PG Diploma in Advertising and Brand Management

This is a management program of advertising and brand making which incorporates theoretical & practical aspects of concepts and exhaustive research for a duration of one year or 2 semesters. Advertising and Brand management both are complementary to each other, as promotion enables the business substance by receiving the audience voice which eventually helps in the empowerment of a strong client base. While on the other side, brand management creates and personifies the image of a personality that characterizes a product, an organization, or any services. Promotion is all about accessibility and effective correspondence for a brand. At last, advertisement is a key component of promotion that plays a vital role in brand management.
Hence this PG diploma course in Advertising and brand management will enable and develop the skills of both the job and it will leave up to the fellow candidates to choose the career as per their wish and compatibility. 

Highlights of the program

  • Applicants will receive personalized mentorship from top industry experts.
  • Students will be trained to work on live running projects 
  • The course can be accessed from anywhere as lectures are online.
  • After successful completion of this course, one can make their career in the field of Copywriter, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Advertising Manager, and Public Relations Manager etc.
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24 Months
Advanced Certificate in Digital Branding & Advertising

Offered by


Advanced Certificate in Digital Branding & Advertising

The Advanced Program in Digital Branding & Advertising explores fundamentals of branding and its process and characteristics, the course encourages students to learn about building a brand identity with branding elements which include brand name, slogan, colours & logo which helps a brand to stand out from other products and services and easily identifiable as a particular company.

The Advanced Program in Digital Branding & Advertising syllabus covers the fundamentals of advertising to create an effective advertising strategy to make an advertising campaign successful. The course focuses on online which includes social media, display advertising, and search engine advertising as well as offline advertisement which includes television, radio, print, and outdoor advertising.

The Advanced Program in Digital Branding & Advertising Training equips candidates with the skill of rebranding an established brand to make a new image and identity of the brand in the minds of the customer, market, and stakeholders. The course focuses on international branding strategies to grow a brand in developed markets and measuring advertising and branding efforts with various techniques and methodologies.

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6 Months
Skills Covered:
Communication skills Digital marketing skills Advertising skills Brand Management
Advanced Certificate in Managing Brands and Marketing Communication

Offered by


Advanced Certificate in Managing Brands and Marketing Communication

The PG certificate program in managing brands and marketing communication course was developed to help students or participants target the right customers, set the right price, and campaign for the business. The certification also comes with sessions dedicated to digital marketing that is essential for today's competitive world. 

The course aims to work on similar lines enabling the participants to go out to the world and stamp a name for themselves. After all, marketing and communication are two critical sources for any organisation to function smoothly. 

Some of the features of the programme include:

  • You can learn from the best faculty at MICA. 
  • Some of the most seasoned professors give lectures in MICA.
  • You get the alumni status once you complete the course. 
  • You learn integrated marketing communication, which is the most popular concept. 
  • You begin to learn the various strategies for managing brands. 
  • You are able to learn pedagogy where real examples are taken to help you understand the field in a better manner. 
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4 Months
Skills Covered:
Marketing skills Brand awareness Brand Management

Offered by

Curtin University, Perth via Edx

Strategic Brand Management

In this course, the students will learn many concepts of branding, marketing, and advertising which will help them to measure, build, and run their brand. 

The course duration is 12 weeks which means that students will be able to gain complete knowledge about brand management in a short span. It also provides flexible learning such that students will study at their own comfortable pace without any rush. This course also offers a verified certificate by edx. 

This course is also associated with the CurtinX MicroMasters Credential in Marketing in a Digital World which is specially designed by professionals. It teaches many critical and management skills that will help students to survive and become successful in this field. 

It is an instructor-led course which means that students will have a great learning experience. The lectures are also provided with English video transcripts which makes it much simpler for students to follow and understand the concepts. This course is highly beneficial for those people who are into brand management.

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12 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Communication skills Marketing skills Networking Advertising skills Brand Management

Offered by

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong via Edx

Luxury Management

With the Luxury management course that is provided by edX, the candidates applying will be learning about new strategies and skills that will be necessary for candidates to apply for managerial positions in the industry of hotels and tourism in regard to luxurious brands and services. Analyzing the essence of these brands and coming up with new and innovative ideas to better their positions in the market is the basis of this course. The candidates will learn about the procedure to create luxury brands and different ways to communicate to the audience about their value. 

The pedagogy will include field visits, textbooks, and selected journals. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the institute that provides Luxury management certification also shares its logo on the certificate provided for more employment chances. 

Candidates will be able to learn all this and more within a dedicated period of 8 weeks. Luxury management training is of intermediate level and languages provided are English and 中文.

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8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Brand Management
Brand Management

Offered by


Brand Management

According to Ignite Branding, Successful Brand marketing strategies are invaluable to a company's sustainability since they have a significant influence on its long-term development and profitability. Professionals pursuing the career path of brand marketing are responsible for their brand's perception in the consumer’s mind. The Brand Management online course is an eight-week program offered by UCT. The course teaches about various marketing strategies used by businesses to generate positive feelings about their products and services in the market.

The Brand Management Training enables the candidate to learn from some of South Africa's biggest brands, brightest minds and provides the tactics needed to advance a brand management career in a world dominated by social and digital media. The Brand Management syllabus focuses on managing a brand's image and meaningfully distinguishing it in an environment riddled with options. The course teaches how to create a successful brand marketing campaign to boost a brand or organisation's sentiments and have a direct impact on its revenue and overall profit.

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8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Marketing skills Brand awareness Brand Management
Brand and Product Strategy

Offered by

Imperial College Business School, Imperial College, London via Emeritus

Brand and Product Strategy

Product and brand strategy are significant to develop brand awareness and identity that trigger products apart from the countless others present in the market solely based on a specific brand name. Imperial Brand and Product Strategy brought to Imperial College Business School aims to enable serious impactful learning through video lectures and online teaching sessions with interactive activities and assignments. This 7-week programme will provide you with a comprehensive overview of brand and product strategy, on serious topics from experienced faculty.

Emeritus will start off with orientation, where the candidate will be introduced to the subject, objectives & necessities. Then Emeritus will advance to the next level each week and cover topics such as  Product and Brand Promotions, Managing Brand Positioning, Product and Brand Leveraging Strategies, Product Modification: A/B Testing, Product and Brand Portfolio Architecture Design, and Business Identity & Product Sentiment Analysis. Any individual working in brand and marketing management, product management, and related consulting sectors, can take up this programme. Upon successful completion of the programme, candidates will be given a verified Digital Certificate by Imperial College Business School Executive Education that will be useful in different job sectors.

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7 Weeks
£ 1,280
Skills Covered:
Brand Management Knowledge of Product Management
Strategies That Build Winning Brands

Offered by

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston via Emeritus

Strategies That Build Winning Brands

Emeritus’s Strategies That Build Winning Brands course helps you stay at the top of the race by creating effective marketing plans. You will learn how to build a purpose and character for your brand. This course provides a highly interactive online experience with ‘Try-it’ activities in each module to make you apply your branding concepts right away. 

In the Strategies That Build Winning Brands Certification Course, you will understand how your brand can come to life and position itself. Learners are taught to use different approaches to examine the health of a brand. The curriculum discusses brand strategies and uses financial risk assessment to fight off competitive attacks. 

Furthermore, Strategies That Build Winning Brands training is aimed at executives and managers who wish to contribute to a company's growth initiatives. You will study the critical role that brands play in driving long-term and profitable growth. This program also provides a verified digital certificate to learners upon successful completion. 

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6 Weeks
$ 2,600
Brand Management

Offered by


Brand Management

The certification course on “Brand Management'' by edX is primarily structured to provide aspiring students with a strong foundation and depth in understanding of the methods involved in the area of brand management. The session in vivid details will be helping the students to learn and study more about the subject of the “business and management”.

Brand Management by edX will be partnered by IIMBx. During the session, participants will be learning at their own pace. They will be provided the basics of brand equity and brand communication. Aspirants will be guided by industry experts. The course will also guide students to learn about the principle of - “brand image” and “brand personality”. The Brand Management certification course level is purposely structured as “introductory” so that students learn in more dynamic and detailed structures. The 5-week course will provide participants with various examples from markets so that students learn more.

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5 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Brand Management
Marketing Luxury  Understanding the complexities of a new world of business

Offered by


Marketing Luxury: Understanding the Complexities of a New World of Business (Online)

The Marketing Luxury: Understanding the Complexities of a New World of Business (Online) course by IIM Ahmedabad explores the luxury industry from a marketing angle. You will see why most traditional marketing rules do not apply to the marketing of luxury products and services. 

Generally, the luxury industry is unaffected by recessions. As the world keeps getting wealthier, a larger chunk of this wealth gets spent on the pursuit of luxury. But the word luxury itself may have different meanings and definitions for people from different backgrounds, groups, communities, etc. 

That is why the Marketing Luxury: Understanding the Complexities of a New World of Business (Online) program begins by explaining the concept of luxury.

Then, the Marketing Luxury: Understanding the Complexities of a New World of Business (Online) certification course takes candidates through the different stages of luxury marketing, from industry overview, pricing strategies, and brand building to licensing and distribution of a luxury brand.

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30 Days
Skills Covered:
Marketing skills
Strategic Positioning in the Age of Amazon and iPhones

Offered by


Strategic Positioning in the Age of Amazon and iPhones

The Strategic Positioning in the Age of Amazon and iPhones online course is based on the different methodologies that can be used for better marketing performance. This course will provide an in-depth study of how technology and business organisations are working together and how technological innovations are creating new business pathways. The rise of smartphones and social media has a direct impact on the business scenario. Its influence on customers and how businesses are turning into business-centric will be discussed in detail. 

This programme will be conducted online. The participants will be expected to attend the weekly 3 hours of online lectures without fail. The case studies offered in this programme can be resonated with the present business scenario. The programme will aim towards acknowledging the global change, understanding it and then positioning the brands for success.

The Strategic Positioning in the Age of Amazon and iPhones by the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode is a short duration online course suitable and flexible to individuals from all walks of life. The course certification is accredited by AMBA, AACSB and EFMD. The certification from the top B-schools of India will help in future career growth as well as in building professional networks.

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12 Hours
Skills Covered:
Business Management
Certified Brand Manager

Offered by


Certified Brand Manager

The certified Brand Manager course is being offered by Vskills to enable the learners to strengthen their base in brand management. Vskills is a certification body working towards increasing the employability and skill development of students/professionals. Through this certification, they can prove and showcase their skill set in specific domains. This course will help the participants to develop their skills in brand management, digital management, brand marketing, developing consumer and customer insight-driven brand marketing strategies.

It is ideal for candidates who have completed their graduations and those who wish to make their career in management. They will understand the fundamentals of brand building and brand management process. 

They will be trained in brand planning, increasing its potential, branding through social media brand positioning, evaluation, protecting the brand, dealing with the legal challenges of brand management and other essential functions of brand development. They will be able to come up with an effective brand strategy for inviting new opportunities and strengthening brand success.

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Skills Covered:
Brand Management


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