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Analysing data is very key to the success of enterprises in any sector. With increased machine data, we need efficient tools to analyse them and provide helpful information. Splunk is one of the best tools to search and visualise huge amounts of unstructured machine data to derive insights. It is used by data analysts, cybersecurity experts, business analysts, IT professionals, and system analysts. To learn and get certified in Splunk, there are many Splunk online courses and Splunk certifications offered by the popular online learning platforms. To get started with exploring Splunk, you can opt for the Splunk free courses that will give an introductory glimpse. 

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What is Splunk?

Splunk is a software platform used by companies and business organisations to cluster and sort out the large volumes of data generated by machines to bring about valuable information. Splunk is used in various sectors including the financial and insurance, technical services, retail industry, and e-commerce. By learning Splunk, plenty of career options like Splunk admin, Splunk security analyst, software engineer, and the like will open promising a better future. 

  • Who can Pursue Splunk Courses?

You can take the Splunk courses, if, 

  • You want to work in data analytics. 

  • You are interested in data analysing, data extraction, and data visualisation. 

Eligibility Criteria of Splunk Courses

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are few in Splunk. Rather, there are many Splunk certifications and Splunk training available both in offline and online modes. To enrol in the Splunk courses, the candidates need only the basic education qualification, that is, 10+2 from any of the recognized boards. 

Skills Required for Splunk Courses

It is recommended that students have certain skills before taking the Splunk courses and Splunk bootcamp. Having a basic knowledge of big data and data analytics will be very beneficial while learning the Splunk courses. Check below to know some of the skills required for Splunk courses and useful during the professional journey. 

Analytical skills

  • Data visualisation skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Numerical ability. 
  • Communication skills.

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What You Will Learn in Splunk Courses

There are different kinds of online Splunk courses such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses. The course content will vary depending on the skill level; the beginner-level Splunk courses will consist of fundamental knowledge and the advanced will equip you with advanced knowledge and skills of Splunk. Some of the topics you can learn in Splunk courses include: 

  • Search Head Clustering
  • Network and Scripted Inputs
  • Searching and Reporting
  • Forwarder Management
  • Splunk User Management
  • Indexer Clustering
  • Manipulation of Raw Data
  • Data Visualization
  • Splunk Architecture
  •  Analysing, Formatting, and Calculating Results

Popular Splunk Certification Courses

Many MOOC providers like Eudreka, Udemy, and Intelipat offer online Splunk certification training programmes. Paid Splunk classes which cover the advanced aspects and free Splunk certification that discuss basic concepts are available and you can choose as per your need. Some of the popular Splunk training courses and Splunk free certification are tabulated below. 





Splunk Administration Training

Mindmajix Technologies

2 Weeks

Rs 11,000

Splunk Training and Certification - Power User and Admin


4 Weeks

Rs 17,795

Splunk Certification Training



$ 211

Splunk Tutorial

Great Learning



Learning Splunk



Rs 3,499

Splunk Developer and Admin Course for Beginners



Rs 3,499

Splunk: Advance Visualisation for IT Operations



Rs 1,280

Career Opportunities After Splunk Courses

Splunk is used by many companies across various sectors for the analysis and visualisation  of machine data. And it is used by various kinds of professionals like cyber security professionals and IT experts. Thus, professionals with an understanding of Splunk can work in various job profiles across many industries. Some of the career options you can pursue after the Splunk online training and Splunk free training are listed below. 

Salary Trends in Splunk

IT professionals with an understanding of Splunk are better paid. Yet, the salary packages will be provided based on the skills and working experience in the area. Similarly, the companies in public and private sectors offer different salary scales. The average salary for Splunk professionals in India is tabulated below. 

Job Profile

Average Salary 

Systems Engineer

Rs 391,936 p.a. (Approx.)

Solutions Architect

Rs 2,092,661  p.a. (Approx.)

Software Engineer

Rs 631,096 p.a. (Approx.)

Data Analyst

Rs 491,296 p.a. (Approx.)

Business Analyst

Rs 637,315 p.a. (Approx.)

*Source: Payscale 

Scope of Splunk Courses

Mastering Splunk will help you to build a promising career as it is one of the widely used tools for clustering and visualising a mammoth amount of unstructured data to get valuable insights. As data is there in almost every sector, IT professionals certified with Splunk can work across sectors including IT, technical services, manufacturing, financial services, and e-commerce. 

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Top Recruiters in Splunk

Multinational companies as well as various business organisations are hiring the Splunk experts who have completed the courses like Splunk admin certification and Splunk user certification. The recruiters of Splunk professionals mainly belong to areas like IT support, IT operations, and data centers. Some of the top recruiters in Splunk are: 

  • Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • TCS
  • EY
  • IBM

Splunk Courses by Top Providers

Here are some of the Splunk courses and free Splunk courses offered by popular educational technology companies. 

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Q) Which providers offer online Splunk courses?

Ans) Online Splunk courses are offered by various MOOC providers like Udemy, Mindmajix Technologies, Edureka, Great Learning, and Intellopaat. 

Q) Is Splunk a career worth taking?

Ans) Yes, Splunk is a better option to choose as it is used by many companies and enterprises across various sectors for data analysis and visualisation. 

Q) What career options can I take after the Splunk courses?

Ans) After the Splunk courses, you can go for the career options like software engineer, data analyst, system engineer, business analyst, and solution architect. 

Q) Which companies will hire Splunk professionals?

Ans) Companies from various industries like manufacturing, information technology, and technical services will hire Splunk professionals. Some of the recruiters are Accenture, TCS, and Cognizant.

Q) How much can I earn after the Splunk courses on average in India?  

Ans) How much you will earn after the Splunk courses is dependent on various factors like work experience, skill set, and the industry you work in. The average salary of a data analyst in India is around Rs  491,296 per annum. 

Career Category
Job Role



Offered by


Splunk Training and Certification - Power User and Admin

The Splunk Training and Certification – Power User and Admin course by Edureka is specially crafted to help you acquire the concepts and techniques essential for Splunk Admins and Splunk Power Users. You will learn to use Search commands, different Knowledge objects, Settings configuration, and application creation and dashboard visualisation through case studies and real-time projects. 

Using the Splunk data, you will become familiar with different onboarding techniques; learn to organise alerts and build dashboards and reports, along with multiple visualisations. Also, you will learn to set up instances of a Splunk Cluster and implement both Search Head clustering via software and Indexer clustering. 

Moreover, the Splunk Training and Certification – Power User and Admin course will help you to develop new skills for a lucrative career in the Splunk landscape. As Splunk has already made a mark in the management and analytics of machine data and operational intelligence, you can find ample work opportunities as a certified Splunk Expert. 

Besides, Edureka will certify you as a Splunk Expert upon successful completion of the Splunk Training and Certification – Power User and Admin programme. 

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8 Weeks
Skills Covered:
Data science knowledge Knowledge of Cyber Security

Offered by


Splunk Tutorial

1 Hours

Offered by

Offered by


Splunk 2022 - Beginner to Architect


Offered by


Splunk: Zero to Power User


Offered by


Splunk Basics Course


Offered by

Offered by


Getting Started With Splunk


Offered by


Learning Splunk


Offered by

Offered by


Splunk Architect Master's

Splunk has gained popularity as a machine data tool and it is widely used for security monitoring, threat mitigation, and analysis. The tool indexes and correlates information in a container that helps to make data searchable, thus making it possible to generate alerts, visualization, and reports. Splunk Architect Master's online course is designed for the overall grooming of the candidate to the professional level for Splunk Security Intelligence and Enterprise Management (SIEM). The course is designed to prepare the candidate for the Splunk SIEM domain. The Splunk Architect Master's training shall help the candidates to fast-track their careers in this domain. 

Further, the course also provides options for the learning methods, this includes self-paced learning, online classroom learning, corporate learning. A candidate can opt for any of the learning methods to learn and polish the skills of Splunk software. The training consists of searching, building reports, configuring the solution, detecting, and investigating. The course also has 46 hours of instructor-led training, 80 hours of project-based learning, After the subscription, the candidate can join the lifetime free upgrade. After the completion of the course candidate shall receive Splunk Architect Master's certification by Intellipaat with job assistance. 

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Skills Covered:
Software development skills

Splunk Administration Training

MindMajix Technologies inc. developed the Splunk Administration Training certification course to help applicants learn the technical abilities needed to configure and administer Splunk. Splunk Administration Training online course employs real-world examples and projects to provide in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of Splunk forwarders, Splunk indexes, Splunk licensing management, troubleshooting, and other topics.

Splunk Administration Training online classes by MindMajix Technologies cover 25 hours of combined video lectures and lab training to help applicants pass the Splunk Administration certification test and become eligible for a certificate of completion to validate their understanding of Splunk administration from the ground up. This course also includes access to Mindmajx's premium services, such as practice tests, counselling sessions, and a resume builder.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Big Data

Splunk Training in Dallas

Splunk is a software that will revolutionize the Information Technology Operations and management sector and will open up plenty of opportunities for Splunk professionals. Major companies in Dallas,  such as Mr. Cooper, Bank of America, Cognizant Technology Solutions, etc, recruit Splunk professionals and thus, the scope of Splunk is also increasing in Dallas. Splunk Training in Dallas Course will provide the learners with a clear understanding of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms etc using experienced industry professionals. The curriculum will explore various aspects of Splunk such as user management, data visualization, customizing dashboards, the configuration of Splunk, working with knowledge objects, and whatnot. 

Administered by Mindmajix Technologies, Splunk Training in Dallas online course will help the students to master Splunk Installation in Linux, Distributed Management Console, Splunk Search Engine, Splunk Search Commands, and many more. The learners of Splunk Training in Dallas certification are needed to have the basic knowledge of Splunk Fundamentals to comprehend the advanced concepts of Splunk. In this online training, the students will be given the hands-on projects of Extracting the customer details of a company using Splunk and Field Extraction to expand their practical understanding of Splunk. 

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Skills Covered:
Software development skills

Offered by


Splunk Certification Training

The Intellipaat Splunk Certification Training help you understand the concepts and applications of Splunk tools, including Splunk developer and Splunk administration. With this training course, you will become adept in sharing, searching, saving Splunk results, generating reports, creating tags, installing Splunk tools, configuring, scaling, and monitoring large volumes of data searches.

Splunk Training and Certification- Developer and Admin Course is structured around the Splunk Certified Power User Certification and Splunk Certified Admin Certification exams. The programme curriculum follows the certification exam structure to help you in clearing the exam in one go. You can fast track your career with real-time projects and practical assignments to better understand the application of the Splunk Architecture.

The Developer and Admin Splunk Training and Certification Programme will also familiarise you with Splunk search and index commands, Splunk dashboard, and extracting fields from event data in Splunk. At the end of the certification course, you will sit through a quiz that mimics the questions asked in the Splunk Certification exams. Furthermore, you will get a course completion certificate, career services, and flexible schedule to suit your needs.

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$ 12,027
Skills Covered:
Software development skills

Splunk Developer Training

The Splunk Developer Training Course is designed to help the students in all the fundamentals of Splunk and enable them to understand deeply the concepts of advanced visualizations, REST endpoints, Splunk Admin Roles, Splunk Search Commands, concepts of Splunk Development, Event Types and much more. In the course, the learners also will build skills to develop applications making use of the Splunk web framework. The candidates who look forward to joining the Splunk Developer Training online course are required to have an understanding of the basics of Windows and computer programming languages as knowledge of Data Analytics and system administration concepts are recommended. 

The Splunk Developer Training certification, the online training by Mindmajix Technologies, is open for enrolment through multiple modes and the learners can choose any of them as per their choice. The curriculum will cover the creation of Macros, Workflow, Reports, Dashboards, etc along with practical knowledge through various hands-on projects, exercises, and use cases. 

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Skills Covered:
Software development skills

Splunk Training in New York

Splunk Training in New York certification course is presented by MindMajix Technologies Inc, which is designed to educate the entire architecture and functions of the Splunk Enterprise and Splunk cloud platforms. Splunk Training in New York online course employs experienced and talented professionals with 5 to 10 years of expertise, and they are experts in teaching the fundamental components of Splunk, including real-time industrial problem-solving techniques and strategies.

MindMajix Technologies' Splunk Training in New York syllabus covers subjects such as Splunk installation, search and reporting controls, data ingestion, information objects, visualizations, notifications and dashboards, and illustrations of clustering algorithms. The training also includes guidance with two industry-based live projects to help you master Splunk. Candidates who engage in this program will also receive premium services from MIndMajix, such as career advice, mock tests, and a resume builder.

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Skills Covered:
Knowledge of Linux

Offered by


Splunk Hands-on - The Complete Data Analytics using Splunk1

Splunk Hands-on - The Complete Data Analytics using Splunk Course is an online short programme created by Smart Coders Hub to facilitate the students to learn Splunk which is used to monitor and search through big data and help them to build expertise in making use of Splunk in Application Management, Business Analytics and to analyze huge data. The curriculum of Splunk Hands-on - The Complete Data Analytics using Splunk Online Course will walk the learners through many aspects of Splunk such as Splunk inputs, Parsing and searching, Splunk resource management, Splunk MapReduce, Splunk Statistics, Splunk Visualization, and the like. 

The candidates with the plan of opting for the Splunk Hands-on - The Complete Data Analytics using Splunk Certification, administered by Udemy, are expected to have a fundamental understanding of IT operations, Data analytics domain, networking, and Linux bash command. The interested folk can join the programme by making the payment. 

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