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Arena Animation is the leading institution in AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics) sector  based in India. Arena Animation, founded in 1996, actively engages in the education industry of animation, arts, entertainment, design and media. Arena Animation offers numerous online Arena Animation courses and professional certifications in the whole gamut of aspects of animation, media, entertainment and the like. By joining the online Arena courses, the learners can shape a bright creative career equipped with the most sought-after employment-oriented skills and knowledge of tools and techniques. The online courses by Arena Animation are paid programmes and thus, the learners are required to pay the Arena Animation course fees. 

Arena Animation Overview 

  • Arena Animation is one of the reputed educational institutions in the AVGC industry. 

  • Arena Animation has centers in 20 countries.

  • So far, Arena Animation has trained more than  4.5 Lakh students. 

  • Arena Animation offers online courses and degree programmes in many industry-relevant topics such as animation, VFX and many more. 

  • Arena Animation provided placement support after the courses. 

Arena Animation Courses

Arena Animation administers several online Arena Animation courses and certificate programmes for learners who are interested in exploring the creative sector and want to build an outstanding creative career. Arena Animation offers online Arena Animation courses and certifications in umpteen areas and fields including animation, gaming, graphic designing, digital marketing, web development, editing and whatnot such as Arena multimedia courses and Arena Animation courses. 

Arena Animation - Industry Partnerships

Arena Animation partners with many institutions and companies to offer online Arena Animation courses and degree programmes in animation, VFX, gaming and the like. Some of the partners of Arena Animation are Jagan Nath University, the Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) and the Center of Entertainment Arts (CEA), Canada. 

Types of Arena Animation courses

Arena Animation offers various kinds of online Arena Animation courses related to the AVGC sector. Arena Animation provides govt. recognized degree courses, certified courses and short-term courses. Arena Animation-offered online courses lie across many job-relevant topics. Some of the areas in which Arena Animation administers online courses are:

Arena Animation Media And Journalism Courses & Certifications

Arena Animation Gaming Courses & Certifications

Arena Animation Editing Courses & Certifications

Arena Animation Ui Ux Courses & Certifications

Arena Animation Graphic Designing Courses & Certifications

Arena Animation Web Designing Courses & Certifications

Arena Animation Animation Courses & Certifications

Arena Animation Web Development Courses & Certifications

Job Assist Programme

Arena Animation provides the placement assistance for the learners after the online courses and degree programmes. The job assistance programme enables the students to get into professional profiles like VFX Artist, Web Designer, UI-UX Designer, Graphics Designer, Digital Marketing Executive and the like. To equip the students with skills and techniques in the industry, Arena Animation helps them to be exposed to the sector through many formal and informal events. Also, Arena Animation provides the learners with the guidance to get hired through the Employability Enhancement Programme and interview preparation tips. Arena Animation joined hands with many companies for placement support including Amazon, Byjus and several others. 

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