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Shaw Academy is a Dublin-based educational technology company founded in 2013. Approximately 12 million students including working professionals and learners from around the world learned new skills and earned certifications. Shaw Academy offers more than a hundred online Shaw Academy courses and Shaw Academy certificate of pre-recorded videos spanning various topics and disciplines. Shaw Academy also administers various free Shaw Academy courses and certifications that enable the learners to explore new potential without providing fees. Now, Shaw Academy has renamed itself Upskillist as part of expanding the brand and digital learning platform. 

Shaw Academy - Overview

  • Shaw Academy is a for-profit online learning platform set up in  2013. 

  • Shaw Academy is now rebranded as Upskillist. 

  • 12 million students learn at the platform of Shaw Academy.

  • 3 Thousand hours of content

  • 100-plus courses

  • International Certification

  • SCORM Compliant & Supports LTI integration

Shaw Academy Courses

Shaw Academy offers Shaw Academy courses and Shaw Academy free online courses that will help the students to upskills themselves with in-demand skills and knowledge. Shaw Academy will also confer the learners internationally accredited certificate after the completion of the programme. The online Shaw Academy courses lie across many disciplines and subjects such as financial management, skill development, teaching and education, fashion design, graphic designing, game design, search engine optimization and many more. Some of the major areas in which the courses on Shaw Academy  are available are: 

Shaw Academy - Industry Partnerships

Shaw Academy associates with many reputed partners in the world to flourish the industry including Adobe, Vodafone, GoDaddy, T Mobile, Flipkart and several others. 

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