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LearnQuest is a leading provider of business and IT skills training programmes for corporates and government agencies. LearnQuest, boasting 20+ years of experience in the industry, has gained the trust of various organizations and companies for the training of their workforce. LearnQuest developed and provided training and technology education classes on various IT and business topics that are very essential in modern times. The network of learners of LearnQuest is spread across 180 countries around the world. Learn Quest also provides online courses, LearnQuest training and certification programs that enable learners around the globe to get equipped with the in-demand skills and try for better opportunities. Learn Quest also engages in various activities and initiatives including project monitoring, training assessment, learning management and the like. 

LearnQuest - Overview 

  • LearnQuest is the global leader in the business and IT skills training provider for business organizations and government agencies. 

  • Learn Quest provided courses and training in the modes of self-paced, classroom and instructor-led options. 

  • Learn Quest-offered courses are developed by industry experts. 

  • LearnQuest offers online courses and certification programmes in collaboration with Coursera. 

LearnQuest Courses

LearnQuest offers thousands of courses, free LearnQuest courses and LearnQuest training programmes on a wide variety of topics and areas from which the learners can opt based on their tastes and interests. Learn Quest provides courses and certifications in various modes; self-paced training, classroom-based instruction and instructor-led virtual classes. As their courses are developed and instructed by industry experts with many years of experience, the learners can have a better understanding of the practical aspects of the topics. Some of the topics covered by the LearnQuest-offered online courses and certification programmes are: 

LearnQuest - Collaborations and Accreditations

LearnQuest collaborates with various online course providers to make the online courses and certification programmes accessible to more learners. Learn Quest associates with Coursera to enable learners around the world to enrol in online courses and upskill. Likewise, the LearnQuest online courses are accredited by APMG International, IIBA and Project Management Institute (PMI). 

LearnQuest - Industry Partnerships

To provide the best quality education and well-structured online courses, LearnQuest partners with several partners worldwide. Some of the partners of Learn Quest are Google Cloud, AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, The Linux Foundation, DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Cisco and many others. 

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