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Skill Lync is a digital educational platform exclusively designed for engineers. Skill Lync prepares online courses and training workshops in association with industry experts and experienced professionals for engineering students. The engineers can upskill themselves with a new set of potential by joining the Skill Lync online course and free Skill Lync courses and certifications on industry-relevant engineering-related topics and fields. 

Skill Lync offers online Skill Lync courses and Skill Lync certificate programmes in different fields of engineering: mechanical, civil, electrical, biomedical, electronics, and CS, to name a few. After the completion of courses, Skill Lync also renders the learners placement assistance that enables them to get hired into well-paid professional opportunities.  A lot of learners benefit from online courses, and the Skill Lync certificate value is higher than that of many other e-learning platforms.

Skill Lync - Overview

  • SkillLync offers in-demand online courses for engineering students.
  • SkillLync courses are prepared in collaboration with 350+ industry experts.
  • SkillLync helps about 150+ learners get jobs at reputed companies per month. 
  • SkillLync collaborates with more than 200 companies. 
  • Job assistance is provided by Skill Lync. 

About Skill Lync Courses

SkillLync provides a plethora of Skill Lync courses and Skill Lync free courses for engineering students in many in-demand fields and areas of engineering. Skill Lync offers online courses and workshops in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer-aided design, vehicle design and analysis, electronics sciences, manufacturing engineering, data science, business analytics, software engineering, and the like.

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Skill Lync - Industry Partnerships

SkillLync associates and partners with many industry experts and companies in the process of the online learning process and placement assistance provided for the learners of Skill Lync. Some of them are Tech Mahindra, HCL, Ola Electric, Tata, and many others.

Popular Certification Specialisations

Types of Skill Lync Courses

SkillLync offers Skill Lync courses and Skill Lync certificate programmes of different natures for various kinds of clients and learners. Skill Lync offers Skill Lync free courses, courses that require Skill Lync course fees, online courses, workshops, job-guaranteed PG programmes, academic training for universities, and corporate upskilling for business companies and organizations.  Skill Lync administers Skill Lync courses and Skill Lync certificate programmes spanning a broad range of aspects and topics related to the engineering field. Some of them are tabulated below: 

Skill Lync Automobile Engineering Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Telecommunication Engineering Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Aerospace Engineering Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Data Science And Machine Learning Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Java Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Data Analytics Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Python Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Cyber Security Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Programming Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Web Development Courses & Certifications

Skill Lync Job Assist Programme

Skill Lync also provides placement assistance for engineering students who enroll in Skill Lync online courses to find a suitable job opportunity. Skill Lync will give the learners the support and help they need to come up with a resume and appear for the mock interviews, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to appear for the job interviews of reputed companies. Skill Lync partners with 200-plus companies in their job-guaranteed online courses and programmes. 

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FAQs on Skill Lync Courses and Certifications

1. What is the official name of Skill Lync?

Ans: Epowerx Learning Technologies Private Limited is the official legal name of SKILL LYNC.

2. Can Skill Lync guarantee a 100% placement rate?

Ans: One of the edtech firms that provides respectable placements is Skill Lync. Based on Skill Lync reviews, every student in the CAE PG certification group has been given a job 100% of the time.

3. What distinguishes Skill Lync from other upscaling platforms?

Ans: According to Skill Lync reviews, Skill Lync works to quickly resolve students' questions so they don't end up missing essential parts of the course, in contrast to other platforms.

4. Can we reschedule the Skill Lync course?

Ans: All course purchases are non-refundable, and Skill Lync is under no responsibility to consider or grant any requests for refunds for any payments received (including pre-booking, instalments, or full payments).

5. Can we obtain a Skill Lync education free of charge?

Ans: All potential engineering students are eligible to enrol in the free skill courses, and graduates strive to grow into more proficient engineers. Students studying mechanical, civil, electrical, aerospace, and computer science can take free online courses from Skill Lync.

6. Is it worth to enrol in Skill Lync courses?

Ans: Skill Lync reviews by the learners, including Skill Lync placements reviews and Skill Lync course reviews, show that it's worth enrolling in Skill Lync courses.

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