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TATA Strive is an educational initiative functioning under the Tata Trusts. TATA Strive is keenly focused on its mission of bridging the gap between vocational education and industry needs. TATA Strive offers online courses and certification programmes and helps Indian youth from financially vulnerable backgrounds. 

The students can upskill through innovative TATA Strive online courses, TATA Strive free courses, and training programmes. More than 6 lakh students learn at 100+ learning centers in more than 27 states in India. TATA Strive online courses and free TATA Strive courses are developed and presented by highly experienced and skilled trainers.

These courses expose the learners to the real-time industry through 100% hands-on projects. TATA Strive also awards the learner with recognised certificates that aid in providing placement support after they complete Tata Strive courses.

TATA Strive - Overview 

  • Highly experienced and highly qualified trainers
  • 100% hands-on practical classes
  • Recognised completion certificate 
  • Field visits and On-Job-Training (OJT)
  • Tata Strive Placement Support

TATA Strive Courses

TATA Strive offers TATA Strive online courses, TATA Strive free courses and TATA Strive training programmes merging different domains and soft skills equipping the learners with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to get into the actual industry. 

Online TATA Strive courses and TATA Strive training programmes are developed with innovative pedagogy and give enough attention to the practical aspects. During the online TATA Strive courses, the learners will be provided with assessment feedback to help them assess themselves and improve. 

TATA Strive provides online TATA free courses and TATA Strive free courses in numerous topics including teaching and education, hospitality management, and many more. 

TATA Strive - Collaborations and Accreditation

TATA Strive collaborates with TCS iON to offer online TATA Strive courses and certification programmes. As both are working under the aegis of Tata Trust, they strive to equip the youth, the future of the nation, with quality education and deep industry exposure with the Tata Strive free courses.

TATA Strive - Industry Partnerships

TATA Strive partners with many NGOs, banks, corporates, and various governments for skill development and education with the Tata Strive online courses. TATA Strive works with the governments of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, and the like in the drive to upskill the youth. 

Tata Chemicals, Tata Realty, Tata Elxsi, Tata Teleservices, and other Tata companies as well as AWS and  Schneider Electric also work hand-in-hand with TATA Strive. 

TATA Strive - Job Assist Programme

TATA Strive renders the students with placement support after completing the TATA Strive online courses and certification programmes offered by TATA Strive. As part of the TATA Strive courses and TATA Strive free courses, TATA Strive equips the learners with personal and impersonal skills needed to perform well in job interviews and perform well in professional jobs.

FAQs on TATA Strive Courses

Q. What is the age limit allowed concerning the TATA courses?

Ans: Usually, the students within the age limit of 18-30 years are allowed to participate in 

Q. What is the average salary offered during the placement drive of TATA Strive?

Ans: Depending upon the interviews, and courses pursued, the candidates get salaries of around Rs. 4,80,000 - Rs. 5,00,00 in a year after learning TATA free training courses online.

Q. Are all TATA training courses free of cost?

Ans: Mostly all the courses offered to the candidates on the TATA Strive platform are free of cost.

Q. Does TATA Strive allow collaboration and connection between the different stakeholders?

Ans: The TATA Strive community allows job seekers, employers, and stakeholders, others to communicate with each other, and contribute.

Q. To which email address can someone contact TATA Strive for their queries or doubts?

Ans: The candidates must use the email address: STRIVE@tatasustainability.com for any queries.

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