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Wileynxt is an innovative learning solution set up under Wiley, the knowledge and skill development platform with a 200-year legacy. Wiley Nxt offers online courses and skill development programmes that will help the learning community to fill the skill gap. Wileynxt, along with its master platform, has provided training and online courses to more than 33 million learners around the world and 70-plus institutions and universities worked hand-in-hand with Wiley and Wileynxt in the journey so far. The learners and professionals can develop skills and knowledge in various fields by joining the Wileynxt online courses and Wileynxt learning programmes provided by Wileynxt. 

Wileynxt - Overview 

  • Wileynxt is a learning solution initiative presented by Wiley. 

  • Wileynxt aims to help in the process of bridging the skill gap. 

  • Wileynxt offers executive, university and corporate training programmes. 

  • Wileynxt collaborates with many premier institutes in India like IITs and IIMs. 

Wileynxt Courses

Wileynxt online courses, Wileynxt training and certifications are available for the learners to help them enrich their professional skills and knowledge in industry-relevant areas. The online courses and certification programmes offered by Wiley Nxt are developed by the Wiley Innovation Advisory Council  which is a cohort of more than 40 industry and academic experts. By joining the online courses and programmes by Wileynxt, the learners will be provided with both intensive conceptual and practical knowledge equipping them for the real-world industry. Wileynxt online courses and certification programmes will cover a wide range of topics including design thinking, human resource management, artificial intelligence, financial analytics, product management, cloud computing and many more.

Wileynxt - Collaborations and Accreditations

Wileynxt collaborates with many premier educational institutions and universities from India and abroad to develop high-quality online courses and Wileynxt learning programmes. Wiley Nxt is associated with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and many other universities worldwide. Apart from that, Wileynxt also partners with umpteen IIMs  and IITs such as IIT Jodhpur, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow, IIT Roorkee and  IIT Mandi

Types of Wileynxt courses

The learning community around the world can get upskilled by enrolling in different types of online courses and certificate programmes offered by Wileynxt. Wiley Nxt provides executive programmes, university courses and corporate training programmes. The learners can explore a lot of subjects and disciplines through Wileynxt-offered online courses and certifications. Refer to the table below to know the major areas in which the Wileynxt online courses are provided: 

Wileynxt Full Stack Development Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Data Visualization Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Product Management Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Finance Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Business Analytics Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Python Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Talent Management Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Fintech Courses & Certifications

Wileynxt Financial Analytics Courses & Certifications

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