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TimesPro is a career development and certification platform that was established in 2013 under the Times Of India Group. It provides an opportunity for learners to develop professional skills through comprehensive online TimesPro courses. The training offered by the H.EdTech platform range from basic certifications like digital marketing and finance to advanced diplomas like PGDM and MBA.

The platform also allows students to connect with experts for guidance and advice, as well as offers placement opportunities in top organizations. With dedicated mentors and the innovative curriculum, TimesPro courses open a window for learning new skills from the premier institutes in India like IIMs and IITs.

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  • Partnered with IITs and IIMs

  • Placement opportunities in top organizations

  • Dedicated mentors and faculty 

  • Specialised certifications such as MBA and PGDM

TimesPro Courses

TimesPro offers a variety of courses for professionals to upskill themselves with industry-relevant skills and certifications. These TimesPro courses cover a range of domains such as general management, banking & finance, Web 3.0, human resources, hospitality, technology and analytics and many more such as TimesPro banking courses. The partnership with IITs, IIMs and other reputed institutions results in providing high-quality courses and in-demand training. Designed with industry experts, the TimesPro training is available for freshers to gain a new skill as well as experienced folks to grow professionally. 

TimesPro: Collaborations and Accreditations

TimesPro has partnered with leading universities and institutions from India to provide accredited course content. This ensures that users are provided with the highest quality of education and training. The platform works with IITs and IIMs as well as many premier institutes. Some of the institutes partnered in offering TimesPro courses are listed below.  

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TimesPro Industry Partnerships

TimesPro has partnerships with various companies and organisations as recruitment partners to provide the best career opportunities for the graduates of its courses. The recruitment partners of TimesPro consist of Wipro, Sony, Airtel, Amazon, Kotak Mahindra, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank. 

Types of TimesPro courses

TimesPro offers different types of online courses aimed at a diverse set of audiences. These include Early Career Courses, Executive Education Courses and Self-paced Courses. 

Early Career Courses are meant for fresh graduates who look for industry-relevant skills and job-ready courses. These short-term TimesPro courses are placement-oriented and candidates will be given counselling and job assistance. TimesPro now offers Early Career Courses in healthcare, e-commerce and logistics, banking, technology and the like. 

Executive Education Courses courses offered in partnership with IITs, IIMs and other premier institutes in India. They are available in various domains including general management, supply chain, product management and whatnot.  Self-paced Courses by TimesPro let the learners explore various highly preferred topics like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the like through short courses from anywhere at any time. Some of the popular domains covered by TimesPro courses are: 

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Q: What type of courses does TimesPro offer?

A: TimesPro offers different types of courses, namely, self-paced courses, early career courses and executive education courses. 

Q: Which institutes does TimesPro collaborate to offer online courses?

A: TimesPro collaborates with many top-notch institutions in India including IITs and IIMs to provide online certifications. 

Q: Does TimesPro offer placement opportunities?

A: Yes, TimesPro works with leading organizations to offer placement opportunities. Its recruiting partners include Wipro, Airtel, Amazon, Yes Bank, ICICI Bank and many more. 

Q: Are the courses designed by industry experts?

A: Yes, all of TimesPro's courses are designed by industry experts and the best faculty who work in premieres institutes. This ensures that the learners get up-to-date skills and quality education to the learners. 

Q: What kind of support does TimesPro provide?

A: TimesPro provides 24/7 customer service and technical support. Additionally, they offer online chat facilities, so you can get instant answers to your questions and concerns. Furthermore, the platform has created a vibrant community of learners who share their experiences and help each other out.

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